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Azienda Agricola Andrea Fanchi

Simplicity fascinates and conquers. Simplicity is good. What could be simpler than flour? It is the basic element from which delicious baked goods come, and not only that. In Valtellina there is someone who has decided to cultivate rye, buckwheat, wheat, red corn, but most of all, goodness.

This someone is Andrea Fanchi, after whom the farm of the same name is named. Andrea personally oversees all aspects of its production, and it is Teglio, with its terraces, that hosts the luxuriant cultivations. They provide 0 km flours, which become the perfect base for bread, cakes, tasty polenta and the traditional Pizzoccheri. A lover of the Valtellina tradition and more, Andrea did not want the cultivation of the Fiorino Bio Suisse variety, a wheat seed from the Swiss Alps, to be lost, so he made it one of his own cultivated varieties.

Gluten-free flour

What if we told you that Fanchi has also thought about those with intolerances? So here are some gluten-free flours. These are buckwheat flour and red maize flour, thanks to which everyone can enjoy a good polenta, as well as numerous sweet and savoury preparations, with complete peace of mind!

A flour for every recipe and a recipe for every flour.

Azienda Agricola Andrea Fanchi

Via C. Morelli, 1 - 23036 Teglio (SO)

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Azienda Agricola Andrea Fanchi

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